Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Year in review....except I can't remember.

You know, I realize that no one really gives a crud whether this blog is updated or not; but I must admit that I just flat out feel like a loser when it's not. And to look at it now and realize that it's been over a year.....well, what can I say - I'm just like thousands of other "bloggers" out there. There. That's my consolation. If you look at the last post that I made (about the stoemp), at the end of it, I say that I'm going to take the blog "in a new direction". Well, I have absolutely no idea what my idea was...not a clue. And yet, it seems that I have not learned from the folly of that statement - because I'm going to say it again! I want to continue to "blog"; because really it's the modern day diary. And a diary is a great vehicle for introspection and noodling; and who doesn't need a regular dose of noodling? So I say, yet again, that I am going to be a bit more regular about this blog with the stupid name. And since it really has had no direction at all up to this point - any direction I take it now will be a "new direction".

I'll close with posting a picture - mainly to show off my new camera (which is way better than the phone I was using before.) But also to show off the sweet beard I had back in January! This picture is in Barranca del Cobre (or Copper Canyon). It's just outside of Chihuahua, Mexico and it is absolutely breathtaking! It's like the green version of the Grand Canyon, only bigger (and green). So, enjoy the pic - ignore the beard.