Sunday, August 14, 2005

Good grief! I suck...or, adventures in international dining.

Well, I have recently become interested in the Eat Local Challenge, and blog meme that encourages all of us to eat wares that are produced locally (100 mile radius, for example). So, I decided that the best way to go about this endeavor would be to first take stock of my current situation. Um, its not good. In fact, its just plain embarrassing. Anyway, here are the foods I had for breakfast this morning, and the distance they travelled:
Butter - Arden Hills, MN - 1,003.0 miles
Spinach - Salinas, CA - 1,654.0
Eggs - Austin, TX - 200.0
Feta Cheese - Weyauwega, WI - 1,115.0
Blueberries - Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada - 2,380.0
Apple Juice - Dallas, TX - 1.8
Coffee - Austin, TX - 200.0

I mean, I couldn't even keep it in the country for crying out loud! Canada?! Are you kidding me? What, did Celine Dion grow those blueberries? (Okay, they're actually from the Vancouver area - so Celine Dion may be a little harsh. Sorry.) However, I will add that those were some damn good blueberries! Anyway....Even the ones that look decent (like eggs and coffee) are kind of cheating. The eggs are Central Market brand and say "distributed by Central Market, Austin, TX", but who knows where the eggs actually come from. And same with the coffee, which is bought in the bulk department. The only redeeming item is the apple juice. I have no idea where the apples actually came from, but it was fresh squeezed from Central Market - so, at least the labor involved in the squeezing was done locally. Woohoo!!

So, here is how my list should have looked (and it will next time):
Butter - The Mozzarella Company - 4.6 miles
Spinach - Dallas Farmers Market - 30.0
Eggs - Dallas Farmers Market - 30.0
Feta Cheese - The Mozzarella Company - 4.6
Blueberries - Dallas Farmers Market - 30.0
Apple Juice - Dallas Farmers Market - 30.0
Coffee - Cowhill Express Coffee - 67.2

Obviously, I might not always be able to get blueberries (or other produce) in the season that I am craving it, but there should always be something. And I'm assuming an average distance of 30 miles for the farmers to travel to downtown Dallas. The Mozzarella Company just plain rules! And I should use their stuff more often. The coffee beans from Cowhill Express are neither grown nor roasted at their facility, but I guess there's something to be said for supporting the "local" economy.

Thank you, and good night.

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